About Us

Access Elevators started in business way back in 1994.

Our first project was the installation of two small hydraulic passenger elevators in a residential apartment building in Newtown. Things progressed quickly and we were soon installing larger and faster hydraulic elevators in much taller buildings.

As technology evolved, and the humble hydraulic elevator gave way to machine-room-less lifts with permanent magnet gearless machines, Access Elevators has been there, offering the most advanced equipment available in the industry. This has allowed us to compete with the large multinational companies, in their arena.

In 2011 Access Elevators merged its operation with a dedicated lift service company, Lift Fix. The result is an even stronger team with proven installation and service systems.

Today, we are engaged by many reputable building companies to provide elevators for buildings which are part of the building boom Sydney is experiencing.

Access Elevators is trusted by many Strata Management companies, schools, hospitals, clubs, retirement villages and office buildings, just to mention a few, to service hundreds of lifts within the Sydney Metro area and beyond.

While the company’s management and ownership have changed over the years, one thing has remained the same. Our passion to provide the best possible products on the market and to back them up with industry-leading service. To this, and to our team of skilled and dedicated tradesmen, we credit our success.

For over 24 years, Access has stood the test of time.

And, by the way, we still service those first two elevators we installed in Newtown.