We offer a whole variety of solutions, from elevators to dumb waiters. So whether you are looking for a lifting solution for your business, or need disabled access for your residence, Access Elevators has something for you.


Quality and innovation is what Access Elevators is all about, and our extensive selection of passenger, goods and service lifts gives you the choice of budget, size and speed. Our elevators range of sizes are from 1325mm x 1550mm to 2400mm x 3050mm, with a load bearing capacity of 340kg to 3000kg. We also have a wide range of different elevator car interiors for both passenger and service lifts.


Comfort and reliability is what your residents want from you and that is exactly what we deliver. You can choose from numerous elevator car interiors that will best suit your tastes as well as what system would best work in your building's current infrastructure. For service access, we offer electric service lifts ranging from 50kg to 450kg maximum capacity and manual dumb waiters.


If you are undertaking an accessibility project for your building, you've come to the right place. We can offer you vertical platform lifts, semi-enclosed, and enclosed elevators for a travel from 600mm to 4250mm. We also offer portable units for travel up to 1440mm, inclined platform lifts for stairways, and Liberty Stairchair for curved stairways. There is also the option of Concord's Infinity Swing Landing Door lifts, and its Green lifts complete with automatic doors, car and landing.



We take the safety of your building's occupants very seriously. All of our products from the largest service elevators to the smallest dumb waiters are all designed verified by the Work Cover Authority of New South Wales. We will never under any circumstances sell a product to you that does not meet Australian Standards.